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A unique, hilarious journey of two city slicker sisters on the lam, but for two very different reasons.

An embarrassing viral video derails the acting career of one sister, forcing her to go into hiding with the only person she can trust, her estranged sister, a former ex-mob wife hiding in the witness protection program. How their worlds collide in the middle of nowhere, USA, along with its cast of crazy supporting players, creating a tremendous ensemble of high-jinx and comedy giving audiences some heartwarming moments as well.

Famous actress with a pee tape? Check. Ex-Mafia wife in Witness Protection? Check. Hilarity? Most definitely. 

A new, fun mash up of the likes of Thelma and Louise, The Heat, The Sweetest Thing, Frankie and Grace, My Blue Heaven and Two Broke Girls.

MOOCH. Being yourself has never been more dangerous.

Directed by Richard Kline.
Starring Kathy Searle, Toni D'Antonio, Melanie Nicholls-King, Ray Abruzzo With Ward Horton, Lou Martini, Jr., & Andre Blake.

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